When it comes to the design and building of hardwood conservatories, Renaissance Orangeries has earned a special reputation in the UK market. It makes sure that the new addition to your home is beautiful and cost-efficient. Have a free quotation!

For anything related to orangery and conservatory in the UK, Renaissance Orangeries is the name to trust. It builds first-rate conservatories keeping in mind planning, building regulations and insulation requirements. Enhance your property with them!

Conservatories and orangeries are very much related with each other in a number of ways. Many don’t know that Orangeries is simply an old fashioned name that was given to the glass structure which is similar to a sun room or Conservatory except certain differences. However, in case of the Conservatories which is entirely build from glass and the Orangeries consists of less than 70% of glass and rest are stone or brick parapet wall and many other things that are included.

With the addition of the glass extensions, you can create great ways for extra living space and also it will improve the whole view of your home. Along with the glasses, you can use a number of designs and styles and building materials for creating your own orangery or the conservatory. There are a number of options to choose from if you want like brick, glass, UPVC or the wooden orangeries.

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